Are Motorized Picnic Tables a Threat to Society

Picnic Table
Are Motorized Picnic Tables a Threat to Society

For the police; the hunt is on for a group of Aussies; who were filmed cruising around Perth on a pair of motorized picnic tables. In the video, the men appear to be laughing & drinking alcohol while parading around the town. While most people see this as a harmless prank; the Western Australian police force is putting all hands on deck to track down the perpetrators of this humorous crime.

The police have voiced concerns that these antics might encourage other intoxicated copycat street inventions. While most people are laughing about the incident the police have vowed to stop this trend at all costs. They even put up this plea for help on their Facebook account:

“Police are concerned for the safety of those riding on the tables with no protective clothing; especially when on roads alongside motor vehicles. There are overall safety concerns particularly if a traffic incident was to occur; resulting in the persons subjecting themselves to potential injury.”

Motorized picnic table a concern for fellow motorists

Motorized picnic table a concern for fellow motorists
Motorized picnic table a concern for fellow motorists

The closed-circuit videos of the nine men booze cruising around Perth on their motorized picnic tables exploded on social media. After becoming a viral hit, most journalists consider it “The most Australian crime of all time” by major journalists. Witnesses saw the men filling up their exotic vehicles at a gas station before parading around the Scarborough Beach cafe area along the Esplanade, as well as around the clock tower on Scarborough Beach Road. They were then seen driving along West Coast Highway. This inspired awe & a mild degree of concern from fellow motorists. While most people can agree that this isn’t the smartest thing to do a majority of Australians do not believe that these men should face criminal charges.

The police will have their work cut out for them since so far no one has come forward to aid them in their search. Even on the police Facebook account, their cry for help was met with nothing but sarcasm & sympathy for the perpetrators. A long list of comments voicing concerns that the police were focusing on petty crimes instead of things that could affect their safety has garnered thousands of likes. The entire community seems to be more worried that the fun-loving road cruisers might spill their drinks than bringing them to justice.

Instance of intoxicated Australians taking to the road is not new

Instance of intoxicated Australians taking to the road is not new
Instance of intoxicated Australians taking to the road is not new

This isn’t the first time that intoxicated Australians have taken to the road in surprising ways. In 2014 a Sorrento man was arrested for driving his Esky scooter down the road while being completely wasted. Allegedly he claimed that he believed that driving the Esky scooter was safer for other drivers than him driving his car drunk. While this may be true, a flock of intoxicated Esky drivers could wreak havoc on traffic.

The main reason why most people see these acts as nothing more than harmless pranks is that the people most at risk are the perpetrators of these joy rides. It’s true that these people could cause accidents and hopefully this doesn’t become a common occurrence. But at the same time it’s refreshing to see people enjoying themselves and breaking free from the growing constraints being put on us in modern day society. In the end we have to draw the line where fun begins and public safety becomes threatened. Unfortunately with so many conflicting opinions drawing that line is extremely hard to accomplish.

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